● Yoga for Happiness
〰️ Breathe In & Sweat Out 💦


@TONS Berlin

6:15 PM


Everyone is welcome!
• My Vinyasa Yoga Class is a mix of powerful movements combined with meditation elements. Warm up, mobilise, stretch & release your muscles. And your brain. Be chilled, be focused, be mindful. I support the members individually, so this class is suitable for all levels:
You will find new ways to refine your personal practice.

TONS Berlin every monday 6:00 PM (auf DEUTSCH)
AHOY! Berlin every tuesday 6:15 PM (in ENGLISCH)

• USC Members Welcome: S, M, L


AHOY! Berlin

Co-Working Space, Wattstr. 11, room "SANTORINI" on the 1st floor, on maps

U8 Voltastr. (4 Min. walk from)
M 10 Brunnenstraße/Bernauer Straße (6 Min. walk from)
BUS 247 Usedomer Str. (5 Min. walk from)

TONS Berlin

Böttgerstr. 16, use right elevator to 1st floor

U8 Gesundbrunnen (5 minute walk)
next to Magic Mountain Kletterhalle


● Selfcare Yoga
〰️ Lifestyle 〰️

at TONS Berlin Center for Yoga, Movement & Treatment
every SATURDAY from 9:30 – 11:00 am, Jeden SAMSTAG von 09:30 – 11:00 Uhr



• USC Members Welcome: M, L, XL

• The balance recommended:
First-Timers donate 3 Classes for 20€
Drop-In Donation 14€ (Ahoy! Berlin Members: 9€)
5 x Donation-Card 65€ (AHOY!Berlin Members: 40€)
10 x Donation-Card 120€ (AHOY!Berlin Members: 70€)

• SPECIAL OFFER in Oktober (cause it's my birthday):
5 + 1 Extra Donation-Card 65€
10 + 2 Extra Donation-Card 120€
50 + 5 Extra Donation-Card 550€
100 + 10 Yoga Donation-Card 900€


● Up-to-date overview and all details about all Classes ●


● What Students Say About 


I have no words to describe how grateful I am for this class. This experience helped me to find myself, to relocate my body and to push myself harder but with love and patience. I found peace in every session of Yoga with Christina, and the way she helped, guided, and motivated us was amazing. I learned to be persistent and to work for my body and mind, because they go together. The only words left to say are: Thank you!
—   Helena Schmidt


"Love that every class has a specific topic and focus. Brings variability and richness to the training."
"Always great guidance through the asanas.  Good flows!"  
—   Beatrice