Classes are moving to T O N S – A Brand new centre for Yoga

In June 2018 Yoga Makes Me Happy is moving to a new location:
TONS Berlin - Centre for Yoga, Conscious Movement and Treatments is opening in Building and is offering it’s brand new, high profile rooms for rent starting in June 2018 for classes, workshops and Treatments.
TEACHERS, INSTRUCTORS and SOMATIC THERAPISTS are welcome to already connect and engage in this upcoming community building consists of Conscious Movement Facilitators, Therapists, Sustainable Designers, Artists, Restaurant, Event space and much more. 

We are getting ready! 

 ©TONS Berlin

©TONS Berlin


One conscious breath can change your life in a second.

Yoga makes me happy. What about you?

I am a Berlin based german native and english speaking yoga teacher, graphic designer and passionate founder of the 30 Days Of Happpiness-Challenge.

I truely belief: One conscious breath can change your life in a second. You are how you breathe.

  • Why are you in love with yoga? I’ve started Yoga to self-heal my scoliosis (spine-deformation), you could say I did physiotherapy with myself. I did become more flexible, stronger, created space and length in my body, specially on compressed body parts (becoming almost painless.)
  • Where did you learn Yoga? After 15 years DOING Yoga, I’ve fulfilled my wish DIVING DEEP into a healthy anatomically correct aligned Yoga. So I took a teacher training with my first yoga teachers Young-Ho & Jang-Ho Kim at Inside Yoga.
  • What kind of style are you practicing? It’s a vinyasa style with correcting 1:1 hands-on alignments and you will always find some happiness and mindfulness elements in my class. 

I am crazy about everything around happiness, an open mind and healthy lifestyle and continuously experimenting within those themes.

 Yoga im Monbijou Park, Berlin  |  ©lululemon,Christina Metzler

Wherever you find happiness, that’s your home.

—Dalai Lama