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"I have no words to describe how grateful I am for this class. This experience helped me to find myself, to relocate my body and to push myself harder but with love and patience. I found peace in every session of Yoga with Christina, and the way she helped, guided, and motivated us was amazing. I learned to be persistent and to work for my body and mind, because they go together. The only words left to say are: Thank you!"
  —   Helena Schmidt

"Thank you, because your class really brought me so much... not only in my Yoga practice but in my life and I really miss it. I'd totally love to come back when I'm back in Berlin."  
  —   Helena Schmidt


"Love that every class has a specific topic and focus. Brings variability and richness to the training."
"Always great guidance through the asanas.  Good flows!"  
—   Beatrice


"Bevor ich zu Christina in die Stunde gegangen bin, hatte ich fast keine Yoga-Erfahrung. Das war aber kein Problem, weil sie sehr viel erklärt und gut durch die Positionen leitet. Sie nimmt sich außerdem immer für Jeden genug Zeit und ist mit ganz viel Herz bei der Sache! Ich habe durch sie richtig Spaß am Yoga entwickelt!"
  —   Heike Herzschlag


“It was great! We felt so high afterwards!”  
—   Anne-Claire Fouchier


My body and mind were one again :)  
— Egor Sviridenko




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