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In-House Corporate Yoga at Moccu

Every Thursday from 08:30 – 9:30am
Jeden Donnerstag von 08:30 – 09:30 Uhr

Christina Metzler Yoga at Moccu

In-House Business Yoga at WIMDU

Every Thursday from 12:30 – 02:00pm
Jeden Donnerstag von 12:30 – 14:00 Uhr


Wimdu, a company that connects travelers to people who are willing to rent out their home as a place to stay, likes connecting their employees to themselves through yoga.
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Office Yoga Class at CDU-Bundesgeschäftsstelle

Substitutional for Tim
Ersatzweise für Tim


Yoga at CrossFit Grenzgänger in Berlin


500 € per year/per employee


Did you know that Workplace Health Promotion is subsidized with a tax- and social insurance free amount of 500 Euros per year per employee?

Benefits of Yoga @work:

  • Yoga is easy but not just for girls.
  • Yoga is an exercise without equipement.
  • You can do it everywhere & anytime.
  • Yoga is more than stretching. It recovers, keeps you going & concentrates your energy.
  • Yoga is the key to maintaining a healthy mind, staying self motivated and relieving stress.
  • Focus on what is important for you and your workday.





"Namaste Boss! Why Yoga at Work Works"
with my client WIMDU

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"How long have you offered yoga classes to your employees for? Are they popular within the company?"

Since summer 2015.

"How has your employee yoga program impacted employee health and happiness?"

Well, it impacts both of course, as sports help you to be more robust. It's also good for team building to do stuff together.
Offering yoga to our employees helps as well, because productivity goes up. After some exercise and a shower you are really more motivated to meet your tasks in the afternoon.

"Would you recommend other companies to offer yoga classes to employees?"

For sure!

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